The ISO 16757 „Product Data for Building Services System Model“ will be developed within ISO TC 59 „Buildings and civil engineering works“ SC 13 „Organization of information about construction works“ and shall internationalize the VDI 3805. At the moment the fundamental parts 1 to 5 will be defined.

Part 1 describes the concept of the series of the standard as well the structure and model. This part is now on public enquiry. The second part describes how to present the geometry. This part is as well in public enquiry. The third part will describe possible computational languages and possible functions. The fourth part covers the relationship between ISO 16757 and other BIM standards. Part 5 defines the format for the exchange of product data. From Part 10 onwards the specific data for different products and their specific needs for the data exchange will be explained. Those parts will be worked out after part 1 to 5 is published.

Due to the reason that ISO 16757 belongs to the ISO TC 59 and the area Building Information Modeling (BIM) it is created in close cooperation with other standards in this field (see picture).

With ISO 16757 the product data could be directly exchanged between manufacturers and users with the special software. With the help of ISO 16757 it will be possible to search and select products via software and integrate the data into another CAD or CAE program. Like VDI 3805 it will be possible to implement manufacturer data into a calculation, simulation or design program.

At the end ISO 16757 will use existing standards as IFC and IFD and only if necessary define additional requirements. The imbedding of those data into a BIM system will than make the data exchange between different software programs possible. Not only the design of a system will be supported also other applications like Life-Cycle-Management. The development of ISO 16757 leads to the first international standard which enables the use of technical, commercial, maintenance or repair, geometrical, pictures, videos and text data.