One standard for the whole Building Services

Design and dimensioning of products, plants or systems in the field of Sanitary, Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning is done on a digital way with a PC. The real CAD drawings and the design of systems in BS is influenced in Germany and Europe by a lot of laws and ordinances (for example EPBD, EEWärmeG or EU-Directive for Energy related Products ErP). This mode of operation requires digital product data to be used within IT-systems.

In the past manufacturers have distribute their technical or geometrical data in a digital format, but in different once. This leads to a high amount of work for the software and the manufacturers themselves and as well for the users. The reason for the high amount was that the required data must be searched, compiled and processed for the different use. Furthermore the data must be kept up to date. This stood for a high expenditure of time and a high quote of mistakes.

At the moment the product data exchange for HVAC products is made in Germany with VDI 3805. The data could then be used for computational design processes. The advantage of such a design process ist he reduced error rate. Therefore the aim of VDI 3805 is the standardized recording of product data to use at the end only one database for all different kind of projects.

Due to these reasons all involved groups want to exchange standardized and correct data on real-time. This is now possible with VDI 3805 „Product data exchange in the Building Services“. This standardized format leads to only one necessary database for the necessary software.

To facilitate the use of software with a VDI 3805 interface BDH runs a web application. There actual manufacturer data were hosted. The users could download the necessary data (CAD or technical data) and integrate them to the used program.