VDI Guidelines

The first step towards a standardized product data exchange was made 1986 with the foundation of specific HVAC and Ventilation Working Groups. Both Working Groups elaborate the VDI 3805 and prepare the step into digital era. Manufacturers, associations and producer of software come together in the Working Groups and work active on the VDI 3805.

The valid version of VDI 3805 Part 1 “Fundamentals” was published October 2011. At the moment the corresponding product parts will be updated and adapted to the new structure as well the required data for EU-Directive Energy related Products ErP is included. An overview can be found on www.vdi.de/3805.

In the future this national standard will be replaced by ISO 16757 “Product Data for Building Services System Models”. After the publication of ISO 16757 the national standard will be withdrawn step by step. But VDI 3805 will be valid beyond that date.